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  • Creativity
  • Power of Habits
  • Life Balance
Where does creativity come from? How can you nurture your own? Can I be creative? In this groundbreaking keynote, Dony Peter get you to understand and apply principles that get make you better at managing yourself as a creative person starting in as little as 5 minutes. Yes you can be creative and fast at that too!
We are creatures of Habits. And that means we can start building the habits we choose to make us more Amazing individuals. With the latest scientific research on habit formation, let Dony Peter show you how you can start being the awesome person that you’ve always wanted to be by building the processes that get you to master habits.
Wake up and take charge of who you are. Get to know what you want from life. Learn to distinguish how your brain allows outsiders to dictate your life. Learn amazing strategies to have an awesome Return on Life.


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