15 Dec

Kids & Adults

  1. They react as soon as they are acted upon. Even if it’s only in the head.
  2. They cry when they are sad. Even if it is not seen.
  3. They are totally immature when handling things that are beyond their control.
  4. They get lost in what they do.
  5. They forget what they are doing.
  6. They don’t care about the future.
  7. They don’t care about the present.
  8. They want to be adults.
  9. They don’t want to be adults.

Grown ups are upsized, kids. Stop kidding that you aren’t.

16 Jun

Giving is the New Receiving

Start giving. Now.

Not just your time or your money, but everything about you. Just give, don’t bother about the recipient or the manner in which you give is perceived.

Flip your giving to accommodate more giving. Become the giver at your workplace, your home, on the street. And remember everybody can be givers, it’s not what you give but “that you give” that matters. Don’t find excuses, just give!

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